About us

The Symposium will take place at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. Year after year, this faculty steadily maintains its demand with a number four hundred new students and three hundred new graduates each year, being the only arts university to offer this training in Catalonia. This year marks the 35th anniversary of the transformation from the old School of Fine Arts of Sant Jordi into the Faculty of Fine Arts, when joined the University of Barcelona in 1978.

In recent decades, the Faculty of Fine Arts has worked to be well placed in the European framework, with PhD and Masters Programs Officers assigned since 2006 to the EEES, (European Higher Education Area), attended by a large number of students from various nationalities. In this framework of European aspiration is where you join the I International Symposium: “Topographies of the invisible”

The Symposium is organized by the MA in “Artistic Research and Production”, verified by the AQU (University Quality Agency of the Generalitat de Catalunya) and the PhD Program “Advanced Studies in Artistic Production” at the University of Barcelona, with a minor of Excellence of the Ministry of Education, an interdisciplinary program to boost renewal and research in art production operation since 1990.

With the collaboration of the Department of Painting and the Research Committee of the Faculty of Fine Arts.

Director: Teresa Blanch Malet, curator, researcher and professor at the UB.
Coordinator: Eva Marín Peinado, artist and PhD.
Technical Staff: Jhon Aguasaco, Mariya Alipieva, Fran Blanes, Durado Brooks, Isabel Carrero, Bea Carrillo y Inbal Ravai.